Via pip

Python packages can be conveniently installed from the Python Package Index (PyPI) using pip install. CellBender is available on PyPI and can be installed via

$ pip install cellbender

If your machine has a GPU with appropriate drivers installed, it should be automatically detected, and the appropriate version of PyTorch with CUDA support should automatically be downloaded as a CellBender dependency.

We recommend installing CellBender in its own conda environment. This allows for easier installation and prevents conflicts with any other python packages you may have installed.

$ conda create -n cellbender python=3.7
$ conda activate cellbender
(cellbender) $ pip install cellbender

Installation from source

Create a conda environment and activate it:

$ conda create -n cellbender python=3.7
$ conda activate cellbender

Install the pytables module:

(cellbender) $ conda install -c anaconda pytables

Install pytorch via these instructions:

(cellbender) $ pip install torch

and ensure that your installation is appropriate for your hardware (i.e. that the relevant CUDA drivers get installed and that torch.cuda.is_available() returns True if you have a GPU available.

Clone this repository and install CellBender (in editable -e mode):

(cellbender) $ git clone
(cellbender) $ pip install -e CellBender

Install a specific commit directly from GitHub

This can be achieved via

(cellbender) $ pip install --no-cache-dir -U git+<SHA>

where <SHA> must be replaced by any reference to a particular git commit, such as a tag, a branch name, or a commit sha.

Docker Image

A GPU-enabled docker image is available from the Google Container Registry (GCR) as:

Older versions are available at the same location, for example as

Terra Workflow

For Terra users (or any other users of WDL workflows), the following WDL workflow is publicly available:

Some documentation for the WDL is available at the above link, and some is visible on github.